Pier Construction

Høj Nordic Marine Contractor offers marine works – marine construction projects – in ports and marine environments. These offerings include marine port construction, piers, leveling, boulder and revetment work, or building of sailing trenches.

Experience with Marine Work through Generations
Marine work has been our specialty through two generations, and our employees have many years of experience working in marine construction projects.

Thus our core area of expertise is building, renovating, expanding, and maintaining port environments.

Marine Works – Using an Optimised Process
When you have Høj Nordic Marine Contractor on your team, you get the services of an operational and consulting marine construction contractor specialising in planning and project optimisation to minimise resource consumption and CO2 emissions.
Our fleet offers the required capacity to execute a wide range of projects within the area of marine works for ports and marinas. Our operational approach is well known and appreciated by customers throughout Northern Europe.

We create the Port Environment of the Future.
Our marine work performed for marinas and ports supports UN Global Goal 11 (reduction in water related disasters).

Overview of the fleet

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