Offshore Wind Projects

Marine Works for the Wind Farms of the Future

Our construction and excavation work done for offshore wind farms contributes to a more sustainable future. Projects may include reinforcement of the seabed, surveying, and cabling.

Setting up wind farms to supply the energy industry is a strategically important area for Høj Nordic Marine Contractor. Our specialised knowledge in marine construction is highly valuable in the building of offshore wind farms in Denmark and in the rest of Northern Europe.
Our ability to optimise projects and keep a clear focus on safety and the work environment throughout the process makes us a recognised partner in the area of marine works carried out for the energy industry.


Consulting Contractor: Optimisations through Collaboration
Through early involvement in the bid phase, we contribute our knowledge, and ongoing collaboration will optimise the construction process. All projects are executed with an emphasis on minimising any negative impact on the environment.


Operational Approach
Over the years, we have built our market presence as our customers’ preferred marine contractor. This is due, in large part, to the fact that our operational approach and decades of experience benefit the energy companies in their new development projects.

Global Goal 7.2

By 2030, the proportion of renewable energy in the global energy mix must be substantially increased.

Overview of the fleet

Vessel specifications.


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Marine Works – Our Contribution to More Renewable Energy

Our work toward a more sustainable future takes place behind the scenes. But it is key in the establishment of more wind farms in Europe.


Decommissioning of offshore infrastructure. Early engagement with the customer helps solve technical challenges.
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Stone beds

Building and quality assurance of stone bed installations for customers in the wind power industry.
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MBES surveys

We use MBES (Multi Beam Echo Sounder) surveys to map the seabed quickly and with precision.
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Cabling and Cable Trenches

We work with any size of project – large cable operations to small marinas. Our fleet of vessels is geared to a wide range of dredging projects.
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Deep expertise. Large number of references.

Høj Nordic Marine Contractor executes projects throughout Northern Europe. These are a few examples of completed offshore wind power projects.