Building for the future

Høj Nordic Marine Contractor

Marine Works for the Marine Environments of the Future

Port Construction and Marine Works

We build ports and piers, perform leveling, handle boulder and revetment work, and build sailing and cable trenches.

Offshore wind and infrastructure projects

We contribute to a sustainable future by performing marine construction work related to offshore wind farms.

Marine Related Climate Projects

Høj Nordic Marine Contractor help cities across Northern Europe to insure sustainable marine environments.

Recent Projects


Projects and CO2

With a focus on data from vessels and data on fuel consumption, we perform estimates of the CO2 emissions from our projects.
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Latest News

As a prominent marine contractor, Høj Nordic Marine Contractor has a local impact all over Northern Europe. Follow our activities here.

Marine Works – for Generations


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Markets in Northern Europe



Building for the future

 We create marine works for the future. Our projects in offshore wind energy, coastal management, and marine climate related projects support UN Global Goals 7, 11, 13, and 14.

Marine Climate Related Projects

Our marine climate related projects protect coastal areas and cities against negative climate impacts.

Coastal Management

We protect cities and coastal areas against climate related risks and natural disasters.

Sustainable Communities

We contribute toward more sustainable communities by building several wind farms

We increase water depth

We increase water depth and secure future waterways and marine infrastructure.

We strengthen the marine environment

We strengthen the marine environment and support healthy and productive oceans.

The Ports of the Future

We develop the ports of the future to meet the capacity requirements of the future.