Dredging operation at Randers Harbour

Høj Nordic Marine Contractor commenced the dredging operation at Randers Harbour in July 2022 by surveying the sea bed. The survey revealed that an estimated approx. 180,000M3 would need to be dredged. The actual dredging operation ended up being somewhat larger, requiring a total volume of 210 m3 to be moved, as measured in the vessels’ holds.


The project involved dredging the entire harbour, Randers Fjord and the “bar” at the outlet of the fjord to a sailing trench depth of seven metres. Dredging work was also carried out at the same time in three local marinas: Dronningborg, Uggelhuse and Mellerup.

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Project information

Project Name
Randers Havn
Project Type Port Construction and Marine Works
Randers Havn
Time Frame
Dredging operation at Randers Harbour

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