Vessels and CO2

Vessels and CO2

We define CO2 optimisation in the fleet on the basis of analyses and reports on energy consumption that set out opportunities for a reduction in CO2 emissions. These reports help us prioritise our climate related investments.

Upgrade with the latest technology
Though we do not have the opportunity to execute all energy related optimisations at once, we will – as a responsible contractor – make sure to include analysis and forward movement of climate initiatives in our fleet so that its environmental impact and its emissions of CO2 are minimised in the project.

Having a wide range of vessels, we perform varying and costly undertakings, and that is why we will give climate related investments priority over some years.

The most important efforts included in the CO2optimisation of our fleet will be carried out according to a 10-year plan that we anticipate having fully implemented by 2032.

Overview of the fleet

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