Port Construction and Marine Works

New Pier? We build port facilities and new piers

Construction of ports and piers, leveling, boulder and revetment work, and establishing sailing and cable trenches

The port environments of the future are not just protected against climate change. They are created with a view to minimising CO2 emissions during construction and operations. Høj Nordic Marine Contractor provides marine construction to ports and marine environments near cities. Our employees have many years of experience working in marine construction projects. They are experts in building, renovating, expanding, and maintaining port environments.

Your marine construction project will benefit from the services of a consulting construction company placing an emphasis on project optimisation and CO2 emissions. Our wide range of vessels provides the capacity to execute many kinds of port projects. Our operational approach has become iconic, and it enjoys respect all over Northern Europe.

We create the port environment of the future

Our marine work performed for marinas and ports supports UN Global Goal 11 (reduction in water related disasters).

Overview of the fleet

Vessel specifications.


Please be in touch with us at telephone:+45 75 62 84 11 or email: info@hojmarine.com.

Deep Expertise in Marine Works

Høj Nordic Marine Contractor executes marine works throughout Northern Europe.

MBES surveys

We use MBES (Multi Beam Echo Sounder) surveys to map the seabed quickly and with precision.
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We perform complex marine works, including blasting of mountains and rock formations.
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Cabling and Cable Trenches

We work with any size of project – large cable operations to small marinas. Our fleet of vessels is geared to a wide range of dredging projects.
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Høj Nordic Marine Contractor undertakes diving work in projects of any size.
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Artificial Reefs

Building of artificial reefs to support the marine environment in Danish and international waters.
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Deep expertise. Large number of references.

Høj Nordic Marine Contractor executes projects throughout Northern Europe. Examples of completed marine works.