Artificial Reefs

Building artificial reefs is an important environmental factor in supporting marine biodiversity. Boulders on the ocean floor are significant for oxygen content in the water as seaweed grows on rock surfaces, producing oxygen. That is why artificial reefs improve biodiversity and support plants and fish.

Establishing a reef – today’s boulder clearance
Høj Nordic Marine Contractor has extensive experience building artificial reefs that help improve the aquatic environment.

Such projects are reminiscent of earlier times when boulders were collected from the ocean floor to be used in constructing piers.

This type of boulder clearance is no longer done and has been banned for many years for the purpose of protecting the ocean environment. But the skills used in building artificial reefs are in principle the same as those applied by an old-time boulder clearance team. Today, the tools are more effective, and fortunately, the process is supported by digital means so that the artificial reefs may be built quickly and with precision.

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