Excavation and Dredging

Sailing Trenches, Waterways, and Infrastructure
Excavation is our key competency. The projects are wide ranging – from excavating and dredging to landfalls and pipelines of any kind.

During the design phase, we emphasise scheduling the excavation work so that it gets done “just in time” and in the most effective and environmentally friendly way possible.

Excavating and Dredging of Sailing Trenches.
Through excavation and dredging of sailing trenches, we maintain the water depth. We perform excavation of ports to increase water depth to accommodate larger vessels or to support port expansions.

Once excavation is done, dredging increases water depth when sediment has settled on the bottom.

Whether you need dredging several times per year or just once every 10 years, we stand ready to assist.

In our marine works business, we carry out many excavation projects. That is why we have optimised our fleet to handle a wide range of excavation projects related to marine works.

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