Climate Policies

Climate Policies

Transportation is a key part of the overall CO2 calculation for a project. Therefore, we take responsibility for and work intently on transportation as the area in which we have the best opportunities for reducing our emissions of CO2. We use corporate climate policies to help our employees act with sustainability as a goal with respect to the climate footprint of a project. By continuing to document our energy consumption per year and per project, we gain the ability to map, track, and improve our corporate and project related CO2 footprints. The most significant CO2 savings are achieved by curtailing speed and the number of vessels used.

Speed Control: Controlled speed reduces CO2 emissions
Speed is an important parameter in the CO2 emissions of the vessel. That is why speed is an area of concern among our vessel operators. They determine the optimal speed in light of the CO2 emissions and the timeline of the project.

Smooth Sailing:  Smooth Sailing
By stabilising the speed of our vessels, we achieve optimal productivity of the energy consumed and minimal CO2 emissions.

Zero Waste: CO2 optimisation through planning
Planning and design are significant factors in the CO2 footprint of a project. Long distances are often involved in our work. That is why careful planning of a project and its related transportation and execution is paramount in avoiding unnecessary fuel consumption. During the design phase, we use an operational approach based on the desire to execute all work effectively and optimally; this involves deploying the minimum number of vessels.

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Smooth driving and sailing

Stabilising speed on land and at sea reduces the CO2 footprint of a project.

Speed control

Controlling speed reduces CO2 emissions and enhances safety.

Zero Waste

Planning and design help avoid unnecessary transport and enables the selection of direct sailing routes without unnecessary CO2 emissions.