M/S Alberte Høj – Wire

Construction and dredging vessel

M/S Alberte Høj is deployed for construction, salvage, drilling, diving, cabling, blasting, boulder and revetment work, excavation, and underwater casting.

Overview of the fleet

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Vessel specifications

Year of Construction and Shipyard
1968, Netherlands Remodeled on an ongoing basis Upgraded in 2022
Construction and dredging vessel
Gross tonnage 162
Length 32.3m – width 7.5m
Empty 2 m – loaded 2.3 m
Carrying capacity
9 m x 5.5 m x 2.5 m – 123 m³ – 170 tons
IVECO Curson C13 245 kW
Empty 7.5 knots – loaded 6.0 knots
Auxiliary equipment
2 generators each 45 kW
Contractor vessel type
Wire crane with a maximum lift of 25 tons
Grab types
Polygrab – flat grab 2,5 m³ environmentally friendly grab
Excavation depth
Anchor system
2 supporting legs up to a water depth of 14 m – 3 hydraulic warps pulling 3-5 tons
Auxiliary equipment
RTK excavation equipment PDS 2000
Environmental footprint
120 g CO2 per km

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